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Any day is a busy day inside the newsroom.

You’ll see reporters sitting in front of computers typing away their news stories of the day or making quick phone calls to get all their facts straight. Journalists can be total snobs when they’re trying to turn in their stories on time.

But in the last few weeks, quite a number of lady reporters seem to be always smiling, clutching thick books and giggling like teenagers.

And it’s all because of a book – the “Twilight” by author Stephenie Meyer.

Twilight is a book for hopeless romantics. It’s the kind that you read slowly because you want to memorize and savor the lines between the main characters, with the hope of putting them to good use someday with your boyfriend or husband.

The story is told in the eyes of Bella, a 17-year-old high school student who fell in love with Edward, a gorgeous vampire who’ll forever be seventeen. But Bella’s blood has a distinct smell that particularly appeals to Edward and he has to constantly fight the urge to drink her blood.

However, the love that developed between them is so strong that they’re willing to give up their lives for each other.

Mariz Umali, news anchor and reporter, is one of the so-called “twilighters” in the newsroom. “It’s (Twilight) so addicting! It gets into your system that it eventually becomes a part of you. All the Edward-Bella thing! It makes you so hopeful that there really is a true romantic and perfect love meant for you. At sana si Edward Cullen yun! I can’t leave my house without my book even if I’m done reading all of them,” she said.

Another reporter, Lei Alviz, said: “It made me feel giddy, excited, hurt, enraged and irrevocably in love. How can a vampire be so hot?!”

Meyer’s writing style is refreshing, relaxing, youthful, witty and sexy.

Who wouldn’t hyperventilate while reading of Edward and Bella’s first date?

Here’s an excerpt: “Slowly never moving his eyes on mine, he leaned toward me. Then abruptly, but very gently, he rested his cold cheek against the hollow base of my throat…With deliberate slowness, his hands slid down to the sides of my neck. I shivered, and I heard him catch his breath….His face drifted to the side, his nose skimming across my collarbone. He came to rest with the side of his face pressed tenderly against my chest. Listening to my heart.”

Ah, the glory of first love!

The story is often compared to the Harry Potter series but instead of magic and wizards, it tells you about vampires with supernatural abilities and debunks beliefs that they’re nocturnal creatures that sleep in coffins and can only survive on human blood.

For Twilight fans, the comparison may be due to the fact that Edward and Bella fought for their love as fiercely as Harry fought Voldemort.

Similar to the Harry Potter series, the Twilight mystique extends to three more books: New Moon, Eclipse and Breaking Dawn.

Lyn Ching, one of the hosts of Unang Hirit, shares an interesting observation about Harry Potter and Twilight. “They’re both beautifully written but I think there’s a wall between the reader and Harry. With Twilight, you identify yourself with Bella and wish that Edward Cullen is our boyfriend. He’s everything you want your boyfriend to be.”

Aside from the book itself, you’ll enjoy the experience of reading it. It’s definitely good for girl bonding!

We can talk for hours about our favorite lines from the book. We also share every bit of information about the movie “Twilight” which will be shown worldwide on November 21.

I was first introduced to the book by Lyn. She’s also responsible for the “conversion” of news anchors/ reporters Pia Archangel and Mariz Umali. Eventually our enthusiasm rubbed off on TV host and reporter Maki Pulido and reporters Lei Alviz and Aubrey Carampel.

“I will keep the Twilight series in my personal library forever because I always want to read them over and over,” Lyn, a book lover and collector, told me.

I can understand why we all fell for the book. It makes us forget about corrupt politicians and gruesome crimes that are very much part of the daily news. It’s an escape from the worries of everyday life.

It is the book you read at the end of a tiring work day, curled up in your bed while waiting for sleep to claim you.

It’s a book a mother and her teenage daughter can share. A story about a vampire with a conscience should pass the censorship standards of moms.

One word of caution though, the physical connection between Bella and Edward heats up as you go from book one to book four.
Another word of caution – once you start reading the book, it will be difficult to put it down! The magic of the book stays with you long after you’re done reading. It brings smile and warms the heart…like the unfading memory of your first love.



  1. may blog din pala kayo.
    add ko kayo BLOGROLL ko pati na iyong iba.
    galing nyong reporter eh.


  2. miss sandy, halos isang taon ang pagitan ng post mo… hehe

    yan pala ang tawag ngayon, twilighters.

  3. pepe21,
    thank you! will try to update my blog more often!

  4. taps,
    haha! napansin mo pa yun ha! thanks!

  5. hello Ms. Sandra 🙂
    natagpuan ko yung blog mo thru professional heckler…add kita sa blogroll ko huh…

    di ba movie rin toh? hanapin ko yung dvd hihi…

    by the way napanood ko yung documentary mo about gangster na mga batang babae..susme ako eh natorete sa katwiran nung mga bata but then sa bandang huli isa lang naman gusto nila..ang mabuo ang pamilya..hay so sad 🙂

    by the way congrats sa mga researcher nyo huh..huhusay nila maghagilap ng subject..fan ako ng I-Witness and kahit anong docu ng Kapuso hihi

  6. ms sandra, i love your review on Twilight .. i think it’s because of this that i got my own copy and am now a certified twilighter! 🙂

  7. carelesshush and chere!
    thanks for reading!
    at siyempre pa, huwag po kalimutang manood ng i-witness tuwing lunes! hehehe

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