Ipinaskil ni: sandraguinaldo | Oktubre 5, 2007

Kind Hearts

           Mahirap ang buhay ngayon. I always hear these words from colleagues, friends, relatives and people I meet while filming documentaries. That’s why it never fails to amaze me how some people can still be so caring and generous to others.  

            Last Monday, I-Witness featured “Nanay na si Nene”, a documentary on teenage pregnancy in the Philippines.

In a squatter community in Navotas, I met Emelyn, a 13-year old girl who gave birth to twins five months ago. Her live-in partner JR is only 17 years old and a second year high school student.

Being a minor, JR can’t find a job so earns a living by making pot holders. If he’s lucky, JR earns P60 a day but it’s never enough. A small pack of milk for the twins costs P63. So everyday is a struggle since the babies consume a pack of milk in less than 24 hours.

            In the absence of milk, Emelyn feeds her babies with water with a bit of sugar in it. 

            Nariyan na yan. I heard this line several times while filming that documentary. It indicates surrender as well as resolve to carry on “dahil nariyan na yan”.

            Eight percent of pregnant women in the Philippines are minors.

While Emelyn and JR regret starting a family this early, they can’t take back the hands of time. The viewers recognize this and some of them called us up to offer help.

 My executive producer and my director bought milk and clothes for the babies. A famous entertainment writer promised to give his donation personally to the couple. A reporter from Philippine Star as well as a friend of Pia Archanghel also volunteered to help.

            Those who also want to donate may go directly to the couple’s house at 64-D Lt. Santiago de Galicia Street, Barangay Bangkulasi, Navotas City. For directions, you may call Marvin, who works with Zone One Organization (a non-government organization). His mobile number is 0910-5490202.

            It really feels good to know that the babies will not go hungry for weeks or even months! Thanks to people with kind hearts!




  1. ang active na niya!

    kawawa talaga iyung mag-asawa. sana magkatrabaho na si JR.

  2. haha ganyan talaga ang walang magawa. pinag rest ako ng doktor.

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