Ipinaskil ni: sandraguinaldo | Setyembre 5, 2007

trying to be pregnant

it’s wednesday and im home doing nothing.

i just finished watching oprah, reading a time magazine article on princess diana and a chapter of the book “the purpose driven life”.

hindi pala ako sanay. it felt weird to be home while everybody seems to be making a fuss over the allegedly anomalous zte contract. it felt weird to be home while soldiers and policemen are preparing for the much-awaited promulgation of erap’s case.

so, this is how life is away from the fast lane. this is the life i’m forced to get used to.

the truth is, i’m trying to get pregnant after more than four years of marriage.

the doctor adviced me to take a leave from work for a couple of days after undergoing artificial insemination.

 for a month now, i’ve been working really hard to have a baby. 

around the first week of august, i underwent several tests to guide my ob-gyne in dealing with my problem. my husband went through tests too.

i took a lot of medicines to help me ovulate. naka limang injection din sa akin. masakit ang injection at masakit din sa bulsa!   

then, a series of ultrasound to see if i was ovulating. when the doctor confirmed that i was, she waited for the right timing to conduct the intra-uterine insemination (iui).

 she thought the right timing was last saturday so she did an iui on me.

after my ultrasound yesterday (tuesday), it turned out that it may be a better time to do the iui so i got another one.

that is why i’m home and taking a rest today.

boring? not really, because today is the start of a couple of weeks of waiting if my efforts would pay off!

am i going to have a baby soon? i’ll keep you posted. 




  1. woo hoo!!! active na sa blogging world ang host ko!!! 🙂 i will announce this in my blog.:)

  2. welcome sa mundo ng blogging!

    problema ko rin yang pagkakaroon ng baby.

    Walang pumapatol eh.


    Good luck and sana magka-baby na kayo.

  3. pornstar88,
    thanks for the comment. natawa naman ako.
    talaga bang walang pumapatol? hehe biro lang

  4. hehe…

    wala pa nagkakamali ng matindi eh.

    Pero try ko alisin contact lens nun, baka sakaling patulan na ko.


  5. good luck sa pagkakaron ng baby 🙂 minsan masarap din magpahinga sa trabaho, so i hope you enjoy it. kakabato nga lang sa una. 😀

    bloghopped from kurokuro 🙂

  6. sana makagawa ka rin ng documentation sa pregnancy stages mo,
    for now, magpapasilip-silip muna ako sa blog mo.

  7. naku, nakakangarag naman na asa bahay lang.

    the ultimate waiting experience pala yang prosesong yan.

    *crosses fingers*

  8. haiz, ako din gusto ko na rin magka-baby… kelan kaya hahaha! add mo naman po ako sa blogroll mo po… IDOL haha! http://www.dilan.co.nr yung URL link ko.

    paborito ko yung i-Witness at Reporter’s Notebook – saya eh hehe!

  9. goodluck sa inyo mam’

  10. Interesting you post about this. I didn’t even know.

    You know what? I know acts like this are better left unsaid, but I just wanted you to have the reassurance that prayers are being made on your behalf.

    I made a commitment two months ago to start praying for you and a couple of other colleagues who have been trying to have a baby. I know this is the desire of your heart.

    Let’s trust that this procedure will come through for you and continue to pray that this is His perfect time for you and Kuya Dot.

    God Bless.

  11. Lots of luck and best of wishes to you. Just keep on praying…

  12. hi ms. sandra…i wanna wish you and your husband the best of luck para magka-baby na kayo…we’re keeping our fingers crossed! take care po!

  13. thank you guys for all your concern and prayers.
    kaya naman hindi ako nalulungkot kahit wala pa ang baby kasi ang daming nagpapalakas ng loob ko. josh, my little brod, salamat!

  14. good luck po mam

    kami rin po ng misis ko…. were having a hard time po magka baby…. twice na po siya nakunan kaya
    kaya….frustating on our part…gastos po diba..he he he

  15. guys, salamat sa prayers and encouragement!
    enjoy pala may blog kasi may support group! hehe

  16. Hi ms.Sandy!Ü ngayon ko lang nadiscover ang blog mo.Happy to know i can read your blogs.Keep the faith.My obgyne told me jan2007 i only have 1% chance of getting pregnant.Im hypertensive,diabetic 2 and polycystic ovarian disease.To think im just 25 then!But God is good,after 4mos,i got pregnant…Just keep the faith and my husband will pray for you.Take care.xoxo.

  17. dear maribel,
    thanks for the words of encouragement. i havent lost faith dont worry. ingat din!

  18. err, medyo super late na po itong tanong ko..
    successful po ba? hehe
    kung di pa rin..don’t worry kasi kami ng husband ko medyo natagalan din bago nasundan ang panganay namin…darating talaga yun sa tamang panahon 🙂

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